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The lockdown begun the 8th of March 2020, forced us to live inside our home in Veneto, region in which we live but in which we weren’t born. After Lucia’s graduation, we wanted to go back in Emilia-Romagna and Friuli-Venzia Giulia, the two regions we were born in, for a short road trip in our childhood places. The reality of the Worldwide situation didn’t allow us to do it, that is why we decided to leave for a place no one has ever been to. We started our imaginary trip to an unknown region that mix our dearest places, thanks to which we created new horizons only watchable with the eyes of imagination, the only space allowed to live in, during these reclusion days. Following this way to travel, our lives at home became a sort of a new microcosmic world, ready to be explored by us with the help of some postcards found inside a closet.

with Lucia Gavelli
shortlisted for Mikros Call by door
published in Mikros by door publishing
year 2020-2021